ZRO leader’s family alleges SF excess

LAMKA, July 3: Around 20 armed persons in full uniform and several of them wearing face masks suspected to be personnel of the 30 Assam Rifles, reportedly ransacked the private residence of Thanliampau Guite, President of Zomi Reunification Organization (ZRO), around 2:30 am early this morning.

The ZRO is a major constituent organization of the umbrella UG group United Peoples’ Forum, UPF and along with the KNO are the hill based major fronts/ organizations that have signed the Suspension of Operation with the state and central governments.

The ZRO president’s eldest son, Thangkhankhup Guite (20), a medical student who was present during the incident said that around 2:30am, the armed personnel in full uniform entered their house from the back side gate and further forced his younger brother Nenglamtuang Guite (18), to open the window through which the armed persons came inside.

Soon after getting inside, they collected all the phones in the house saying that they will be returned once the search was over and started ransacking the nine rooms of the house including the store room, he said.

When asked for a search warrant, the personnel showed him an arrest warrant, he said.

He continued, “I told them I am a student and an Indian and so have the right to freedom of speech and expression and in answer they told me to go and study if I am a student and also asked me if I knew my father was a UG leader”.

The armed personnel further ransacked all furniture and turned mattresses upside  and other furniture and even smashed a computer, he said.

The ZRO president’s wife Mangnu said that some of the intruders were speaking local dialects of CCpur and when she asked them to interpret her words in Hindi, they refused.

She added that the intruders looked as if they searching for a gun or weapon. She said, that there is never any weapon or cadres of her husband’s organization in the house and that the intruders had not taken anything from their house.

The two sons further alleged that they were made to sign a paper after the search was over, but since there was no power supply at the moment, they were unable to see what was written on the paper.

The phones collected earlier were returned after the operation ended which continued for about an hour, the family members maintained.

The armed personnel left from the same back side gate through which they had entered, they said.

Meanwhile, the wife of the ZRO president has also said that they would have opened the door even if the intruders had come from the front door as they had nothing to hide or fear.

She further expressed her surprise that such intrusion had come at a time when there is peace between the government and the organizations.

Meanwhile, in a press statement, the CDSU has strongly condemned the alleged action of the 30th AR in violation of the SoO between the government and the UPF.

The ZSF headquarter has also expressed its shock over the incident and said the student body expect all SoO signatories to honour the ground rules in the interest of peace and security which it said is a prerequisite for political dialogue.

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