CM laments ‘terrorist action’

IMPHAL, October 30: Reacting to the series of blast that had taken place in Imphal recently including the fatal explosion at Moirangkhom today, Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh strongly condemned them ‘as terrorist action’ causing loss to innocent lives.

In a statement released by the Chief Minister’s secretariat, Okram Ibobi Singh deplored the acts as that of a coward attempting to cause terror. “Such terrorist actions spoils the image of Manipur and affects the development momentum”, it said.

It further stated, “The Government has viewed this attack on the innocent citizens and against the state and national interest, and those responsible for these criminal and subversive acts will not be spared and be taken as per the law of the land”.

Meanwhile, his deputy and Home Minister Gaikhangam while inspecting the gory scene of the blast at Moirangkhom said outsourcing of crime has become rampant in Manipur and any individual should consider the horrific consequences of their actions before agreeing to ferry bombs or abet the underground groups in violence. Gaikhangam later went to RIMS Hospital to meet the injured.

Talking to media persons at the blast site, he said the attack in which two lives were lost is highly condemnable, barbaric and inhumane. Such fatal aggression among armed groups is one thing but making innocent individuals the target of such gruesome attack is totally unacceptable, he stated. He questioned the logic of planting such high intensity bomb in public places.

He claimed that the militants in the state are facing huge difficulties in ensuring free movements and have been compelled to hire third parties to assist them in carrying out their nefarious designs. The ultras search for vulnerable individuals, most of whom have a dire need for money, and recruit them to be their partners in crime, he stated.

When asked by a group of reporters on whether the frequent blasts carried out in the state were due to lapses in security arrangement, Gaikhangam replied that there had been no lack of efforts on part of the state police. The force is trying at its best level to prevent such attacks but the bombs used by the ultras are local-made which are easy to assemble and trigger, he stated.

He stated that human rights groups active in the state should not be biased while reacting such form of brutal killings. These groups are very avid when highlighting the allegations of excesses against security personnel but they do not reciprocate similarly to attacks by ultras, he claimed adding that their lop-sided behavior is not desirable at all.

Stating that the situation in Manipur is different from other parts of India, he asserted that the state police need special sanction for maintaining a peaceful atmosphere and admitted that recent judgments have took a toll on the confidence of the force.

The police personnel are dealing with the worst conditions to carry out their duty of maintaining law and order. Indications of the involvement of personnel in excesses do not mean that the whole force can be accused of participating in fake encounters. The government is not encouraging them to kill innocent people. If any personnel acts with a mala-fide intent, the government will take disciplinary action against him, he stated.

He agreed on the possibility that the timing of the attacks could be related with the upcoming Sangai Festival and planned to instill fear in the mind of the participants, which includes delegates from countries like Myanmar and China, and discourage them from taking parts.

Gaikhangam distributed Rs 5000 each to the injured from his pocket as assistance in carrying out their treatment. 

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