What is the logic of troubling innocent lives, asks Dy CM

KANGPOKPI, October 30: Autumn season is a season of festival. People in Manipur are busy exchanging love, peace and forgiveness  to bring a new life free from evil but full of peace and harmony. But there is animal suitable to be termed, according to their activities, as “untamed domestic animals” who nib innocent precious lives engaging and struggling hard to bring peace in the state. "What is the logic or principle behind killing, hurting and terrifying innocent people by planting and triggering bombs?", wondered Dy Chief Minister Gaikhangam who also holds the Home portfolio.

He was speaking on the auspicious occasion of "CHAGAH NGEE"-The blessed Liangmai cultural festival at Namdilong, Kanglatongbi, co-sponsored by TRI today.

Today we celebrated with delights and happiness the CHAGAH NGEE, day after tomorrow we are due to celebrate KUT and Ningolchakkouba on November 5, he said.

During such festive season people are in their happiest mood, he observed before adding that unfortunately the people's happiness has been shortened due to fear and anxiety created by animal-minded people through exploding bombs and taking away many innocent lives.

The Dy.CM continued that in the last two three days there has been a series of bomb blast in the state which has created fear and unease amongst the general populace.

A bomb blast this morning around 6:10 near the Krishnapremi oil pump killed two innocent persons, which is unfortunate, he said.

These immature animal-minded like people who execute such unwanted activities seem to be very much jealous and selfish of the people's happiness, added the Dy CM.

While the state govt as well as the people of Manipur irrespective of caste, creed, hills, valley and religion are busy in exchanging love and struggling hard to bring peace and harmony, how can such uncivilized acts could be executed, he said.

The Dy CM further asked, “Is it hard for them to see the developing peace and harmony in the state”, “Are they against peace and tranquillity”, “Are they truely against people's happiness".

“Our motherland Manipur is deeply exhausted now.”

It has been already too long that she has shed her tears and cried everyday, he observed.

“In the best interest of the state and of the people as well as in the best interest of humanity, I appealed in the name of God to stop triggering bombs, killing and terrifying innocent people”, said the state Dy CM while adding that so far there have been no positive outcome and solution through triggering bombs and killing innocent people.

In the meantime, the Dy.CM noted that Liangmai tribe are the constituent unit of Zaliangrong having the richest and highest number of cultural festival. There are 12 months in a year and the Liangmai tribe have 12 cultural festival in a year.

While greeting the people of Manipur on the coming Kut and Ningolchak Kouba Dy.CM Giakhangam noted that all festival of Manipur though celebrated and observed by different tribes and community they all are part of Manipur cultural and heritage.

Today's occasion has been attended by Gaikhangam, Deputy Chief Minister and Ngamthang Haokip, IFC minister as chief guest and functional president respectively while Z Kikhonbou Newmai, vice chairman HAC; Kh Devendro Singh, MLA Sekmai; K Humaliabou, vice chairman, ADC, Tamenglong; A Ramwangdin, EM, ADC Tamenglong; N Tadoubou, Member ADC Tamenglong; Tuntanbou Gongta, Member ADC Tamenglong and MP Agong, Member ADC Tousem sub-div.as guest of honour respectively.

Apart from Church leaders, social workers, Village Chiefs and Civil bodies thousands of Liangmai peoples and other communities residing at Kanglatongbi irrespective of caste, creed and religion attended the grant festival.

Various Liangmai Cultural dance marked the occasion while AB.Alexson-Gospel Cowboy enthralled the congregate with his number "Liangmai Jai" which means Liangmai Blood.

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