Growing old not easy", says senior citizens

IMPHAL, October 1: The All Manipur Senior Citizen Welfare Association today observed the International Day for Older Persons at the Old Age Home at Mongsangei.

Speaking at the function, eye specialist and senior member, All Manipur Senior Citizen Welfare Association, Dr Y Bhajao said that the internal and the external organs of a human being weaken as one becomes older and one has to take special care during old age.

The best way of taking care of oneself is to do yoga which can enhance the durability of the body to some extent, he observed.

There are certain elders who are afraid of undergoing medical examination which is a wrong notion, he continued and added that with the new inventions, and development of new technologies, ailments can be treated in easy ways.

Vice president, All Manipur Senior Citizen Welfare Association, S Kunjabihari said that the older persons also contribute to the society.

Growing old is not easy, older people are among the most vulnerable and marginalized people in the world and they are often amongst the poorest of the poor, he said.

He continued that the old aged persons in the society face stigma in the form of abuse, neglect, insufficient care etc even from the family members which is mostly due to financial reasons.

No matter how much facilities are provided in the old aged homes, one cannot find the satisfaction of being at home with one’s family, he observed.

Retd Magistrate, Angom Yaima said that most of the families abuse the old mentally and physically by their own family members.

He said such treatment should not be meted out to the elders. In case the old person is a rich person, then such ill treatments are much lower, he further observed.

Before the function, a free medical health check camp was also organized specially for the older persons by Raj Polyclinic, North AOC doctors and nurses.

Meanwhile, the day was also observed under the theme “The Future we want: what older persons are saying” organized by the Social Welfare Department. Speaking at the observation,

Social Welfare minister AK Mirabai said that elders should not be ill-treated as they act as guides for our future and the society cannot succeed without their direction and guidance.

She further continued that the Chief Minister and the Finance minister have provided old age pension to the aged persons.

Under such pension schemes of the state, the Government has sanction pension for 45905 beneficiaries upto August, she said before adding that apart from it, the Government has also sanctioned pension for six months for 72,514 beneficiaries under the Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension scheme.

All those who are above the age of 80 are provided Rs 500/month, she said. Aged homes are also provided in 15 different places of Manipur, the Minister said and added that any elder who has been ignored or neglected by their respective families can also submit their complaints to the concerned DC or SDO under the appellate tribunals which are opened in 48 sub-divisions since last October in all nine districts of the state.  

The day was also observed at the Shija Hospitals and Research Institute Health City, Langol.

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