Jiri media team visits unexplored waterfalls in Tamenglong

JIRIBAM, September 8: A team of the All Jiribam Working Journalist Union, Jiribam today made public the existence of two waterfalls near the Pangkotphai village in Tousen sub-division, Tamenglong district to the outside world.

The two waterfalls had earlier remained hidden to the outside world except for a few locals.

The two waterfalls can be seen after travelling about 2kms east of Pangkhotphai village which lies near the boundary between Jiribam in Imphal East and Tousem sub-division in Tamenglong districts. The waterfalls can also be seen after travelling about 14 kms towards South-East direction from Jiribam.

The trip of the journalists’ team was made following several murmurs amongst locals about the presence of the waterfalls in Leishabi Thol.

During the media trip, it was found that the waterfalls are not located at Leishabi Thol but near the Pankhotphai village in Tousem sub-division.

After passing through several untold miseries, the team came across the first waterfall after a walk of about 100 meters from the main road along a stream which acted as a path.

The waterfall which is about 20 feet in width and about 50 meters in height was stunning to look at. The second waterfall which is located about 100 feet above the first was about 25 feet width and about 20 feet tall.

Meanwhile, according to Deh Chongloi, the Chief of the Pangkotphai village, the presence of the waterfalls have been known since the past 80/90 years and is known as the “Khoikolva”, which is translated into Manipuri as “Khoi gi Lok” (Bee’s stream).

He informed the team that the waterfalls are so named as large number of bees used to make their hives near to the waterfalls in earlier times.

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