Locals demand clarification, condemn bomb attack

IMPHAL, August 5: Decrying yesterday’s bomb blast at the residence of Agri Field Assistant Pebam Sarat, locals of Kwakeithel Moirang Purel today staged a sit in protest at the local community hall attended by around 150 locals.

Speaking to media persons, a family member of Pebam Sarat who identified herself as one Pebam (o) Chandrika told this IFP reporter that her sister in law, Pebam (o) Sorodhoni who was injured in the blast will be operated today at Shija hospital. However, doctors have said that operating Catherine, the daughter of Pebam Sarat would be impossible as she has suffered more than 40 bomb splinters hit and is in a serious condition. She also said that Catherine’s brother P Nelson who is also a Section Officer had received a monetary demand for his department from an armed outfit some five months ago but other than that there had been no demands or threats from any other group.

One of the demonstrators who identified herself as Oinam Shama Devi lamented the act of injuring innocent individuals.

She further demanded that such attacks should not be carried out again in the future and asked what would happen of the society if the women folk of the state too started taking up the arms to defend themselves from such violence.

Another demonstrator, Loitongbam Memmi condemned the bomb attack as a childish act. Even if the UGs found anyone to be guilty, then, they should clarify the issue individually and not harm the individual’s family members who are innocent, she said.

The demonstrators further demanded all concerned to clarify on the incident at the earliest.

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