KSDC volunteers forced to flee during 48 hrs strike

IMPHAL, August 14: The 48 hour general strike of the Kuki State Demand Committee was total in Kuki inhabited areas in CCpur.

Except for some incidents in the New Bazar area of the unaffected part of  Lamka, where the shop keepers and locals of the area forced three KSDC bandh volunteers to flee as they try to force the shopkeepers to close their shops, there were no major incidents in the non-Kuki inhabited areas of CCpur as normal life continued.

The general strike was however passed off without any major incidents except for volunteers stopping vehicles which had come out.

Volunteers were also seen burning tyres upon the roads at a few places.

Speaking to the press, the spokesperson of the KSDC CCpur area hoinu Lungdim said that there was no violence in CCpur area during the general strike.

Answering to a reply, she said the Indian Independence day will not be celebrated

The spokesperson of the KSDC CCpur Lungdim also expressed that there were atleast eight duty posts in CCpur area with more than 200 volunteers in each to enforce the 48 hour bandh.

Meanwhile, S George Guite secy information and publication KSDC in a press communique to the press retaliated the justification of the KSDC's demand which he said was prompted by the colonialist who divided their land in three countries viz, India, Burma and Bangladesh which the KSDC want to redraw as it was done without their consent.

The communique says “In persuade of the Kuki National Assembly's memorandum to the PM of India in 1960 for the creation of a Kuki state, the KSDC demand to the Govt for creation of Kuki state from the present Manipur (Northern Kuki territories).

The communique further said that “The KSDC movement is legitimate as its based on historical facts and right over land”.

The press communique further claimed that about 65% of present day Manipur territory which is 12958 sq km was occupied by the Kukis and said that Kuki had never demanded other's land but are demanding the restoration of Kuki territories in the form of Kuki state.

The press communique concluded by mentioning the suffering of the Kuki in several ways which prompted the KSDC to initiate and renew the memorandum submitted to the PM of India in 1960 and added that the Kuki people will never be cowed down under any circumstance till their demand is achieved, and to this end volunteers had been stationed at all strategic point linking Kuki State Demand area with state capital and other states.

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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