Vanamahotsava observation highlights need to preserve forest

IMPHAL, July 6: The state Forest department today observed the 64th Vanamahotsava at the Manipur High Court Complex, Mantripukhri.The observation was attended by Chief Justice, Manipur High Court, Abhay Manohar Sapre; Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Th Ibobi Singh; Justice, Manipur High Court, N Kotiswar Singh and Advocate General, Manipur Th Ibohal Singh as chief guest, president and guests of honour, respectively.

Speaking at the observation Chief Justice Abhay Manohar Sapre said that the observation of this day is important.

It is important to conserve forest and trees which will always remain mankind’s best friend he said and added that in ancient times, trees and forests were worshipped as Gods and Goddesses.

Justice N Kotiswar Singh said the day is observed to save the trees from being rapidly felled. Furthermore, he said that the cutting down of trees and subsequent clearing of forest areas have led to natural calamities.

The number of trees have drastically decreased due to the cutting down of forest trees for the production of paper and as such felling of trees need to be stopped and promote and encourage the use of e-paper system, he said.Addressing the observation, Principal Chief Conservation of Forest, Th Ibobi Singh said the concept of this great observation was first initiated by Dr K M Munshi.

The festival is celebrated throughout the country in the first week of July every year with the great enthusiasm to create awareness and love for trees among the masses so that they can play an important role in the conservation of forest and planting of trees, he said.He further said planting of trees is a symbolic gesture to celebrate our reverence for all things that grow in the forest and it should be a symbolic of unending movement towards greener India.

Trees and forest play a major role in the natural calamities change and global warming. With the increased in population, rapid urbanisation, widening of roads to speed up traffic and cutting down of trees for housing and other developmental works affected to nature which leads in natural disaster consequently.

According to Forest Survey of India 2011 the forest cover of Manipur is 17,090 km which is 76.54 of the total geographical area of the state, he continued.

Now for the welfare of the people in general and for all round development of the nation trees have to be looked upon as the pillars of life and prosperity as they provide and enhance life support. 

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