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IMPHAL, July 2: The Democratic Students’ Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) has today issued a press release saying that government of Manipur did not provide necessary infrastructures and teaching faculties to the recently upgraded five higher secondary schools namely the Nilapadma Hr Sec School, the Langmeidong Hr Sec School, the Borbegra Hr Sec School, the Jeshami Hr Sec School and the Bungjajin Hr Sec School.

It has further said that DESAM has learnt from reliable sources that twenty four guest lecturers for each higher Sec school were selected to be utilized to the upgraded higher secondary school.

However, the lecturers are yet to join at their respective schools owing to none signing of necessary agreements between the teachers and the concerned government authority, the statement said while asking the merit of playing delaying tactics on the part of government.

It has further added that the concerned Education Minister, Commissioner and Director should work with a commitment to make education sector better, instead of making gaps in their words and deeds, it said.

The statement further said that the newly upgraded higher secondary schools do not have sanctioned post of lecturers and importantly the principals who could make things manageable there and further asking as to how a school can run without teachers while elaborating that state administration is a serious business, not a child’s play, it said.

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