Evicted people of Naga River appeal

IMPHAL, June 2: JAC against Forced Eviction of Naga River Lane has today released a press statement appealing to the government of Manipur and civil society organisations of Manipur to kindly intervene their predicament before the situation is getting worse to the extent of irreparable situation.

The press statement further said that the other major concern is the people with differently abled who have more challenges when their houses are destroyed while adding that there are 144 children from the community who are rendered homeless thereby making them difficult in managing their study, some have already left schools.

Interestingly, it is further said that the government of Manipur continues its silence on the plight of the homeless community following the forced eviction of the forty five families on May 20, 2013. Till today, all the families did not accept any meager compensation offered by the government while adding that all families are scattered to different locations, some at rented house where they have problems of paying off the rent and moreover large people could not afford to stay at rented house thereby opted to taking refuge in cemetery/MBC Recreation Centre at Dewlahland, it said.

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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