Two women allegedly gang-raped, face police heat while trying to file complaint

IMPHAL, June 27: In a clear violation of human rights by personnel of Mayang Imphal Police Station, two women who were allegedly raped by five persons have been reportedly abused verbally and one of them beaten up while trying to lodge a complaint at the police station.

The rape incident happened on June 21 last when the two women who hail from Churachandpur district went to visit their relatives at Lamphel Sanatkeithel in Imphal West.

The women Kim (23), and Aching (38) (both names changed) belonging to the Kom community after travelling in a diesel auto rickshaw had alighted from the vehicle near the Gandhi Memorial hall in the afternoon and paid the driver the fare. The driver identifying himself as one Jiauddin about 26 years of age refused to take the fare and tried to befriend the women.

According to Kim, the driver was somewhat familiar to her as she frequently travel in the same vehicle to Lamphel. Kim was with her son who is about 2 years old.

Jiauddin lured the two women by mentioning that he would take them both to visit Mayang Imphal and later drop them back. They travelled in the auto and went to see a film at a theatre located at Mayang Imphal. Kim mentioned that they were taken to the balcony and was joined by another youth who was also an auto driver.

After coming out from the theatre, the women were offered a ride back to Imphal by the new driver but Jiauddin intervened and mentioned that he would drop them after having food at his place. The women replied that it would not be feasible as the family members of Jiauddin may find it awkward. But, he  insisted that he was with his mother only and there would be no problems.

Kim mentioned that they were taken to a farm house where Jiauddin told them to rest a while he prepared something to eat.

Later, 5  youths including Jiauddin came inside the house, one had a wooden club and another a dao (sword). The women were then told not to shout otherwise they would meet their end. Kim and Aching were then allegedly raped repeatedly by the five persons. Kim’s son was also by her mother’s side at the time. Jiauddin had also recorded the incident on his mobile phone, according to Kim’s statement.

They were held captive at the house for the night and finally let off the next morning.

In the morning, the women rested in a waiting shed and when they saw a van coming, they pleaded with the driver to take them to the nearest police station. From the van driver, they confirmed that the place they were taken to was Irong, in Mayang Imphal area. Later, they were dropped at Thoubal police station. As they recounted the incident to the police personnel, they were told that the Thoubal police have no jurisdiction and they should approach the Mayang Imphal station instead. The police hired a vehicle to transport them and gave them hundred rupees.

Around afternoon, the women with the child approached Mayang Imphal station and recounted the incident. But, instead of lodging a complaint, they were verbally abused and questioned by four male sub-inspectors. One female constable reportedly struck Aching with a stick.

Kim told this reporter that she had managed to take hold of the mobile used by Jiauddin to record the crime. She handed over the phone to a Sub-Inspector stating that the images of the perpetrators were in the video and they could be arrested easily. The mobile was taken inside by the personnel who came back to say that there was no memory card inside. Kim argued that she had seen the contents and that there was a memory card. The police personnel threatened them to keep quiet and drop the matter.

After some time, they were asked whether they could identify the place where the crime took place. Aching and Kim said they could. The police and the women then retraced the location and pointed out the house. It was found that the male members had gone to work and only women were there.

The women denied having knowledge of the incident and afterwards, the police team came back with the women.

Mayang Imphal police took the women to the Imphal West district police station at around 9 pm. They were made to spend the night at the women barracks forcibly, Kim said they had complained why they were being held there and being treated like criminals. Both said they were verbally abused by the women police also.

The next morning, i.e. on July 23, they were taken to the Social Welfare department by the Mayang Imphal police and  told the concerned officer that the women were in need of counseling.

Today morning, at around 10 am, the women along with child made a formal complaint to the Imphal West district police. A woman Sub-Inspector wrote down their statements. This reporter also at the station at the time the police recorded the complaint statement of the victims.

The victims cried foul of the conduct of the Mayang Imphal police personnel and mentioned that they had tampered with the videographic evidence on the mobile phone and let the accused go free. It may be mentioned that the Mayang Imphal police had not lodged a formal First Information Report when the victims first approached them but had referred them for counseling only. Post filing the report to the Imphal West police, an FIR has been lodged today by the Mayang Imphal station, a reliable source added. It added that the incident has been brought to the knowledge of higher police authorities.

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