No means to totally ban jhuming cultivation: Gaikhangam

IMPHAL, June 25: It is true that forest areas have diminished due to jhuming cultivation but there is no means to totally ban it as it is a source of livelihood for its cultivators except for holding of awareness and education programme for the cultivators, said Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam who is also in charge of Horticulture and Soil Conservation during the general discussion on Demand No. 43 for Horticulture and Soil conservation in Manipur Legislative Assembly today.

Responding to the Cut Motion raised by seven MLAs during the discussion on demand No 43, he said that if jhum cultivation is to be banned, an alternative job has to be provided to them. However jhum cultivation has affected the environment and the products of jhuming cultivation are substandard, he said.

Families of jhuming cultivators need to be rehabilitated. There are about 56 thousand families adopting jhuming cultivation in the state, he informed and said that he would see whether it can be eradicated, he said.

The Deputy Chief Minister went on to say that agro-based economy is the most important economy. Surveys are being conducted in co-ordination with National Horticulture Board. Horticulture area is 12% only out of the total of geographical areas of Manipur and its area is 2, 27, 064 sq. Km.  28% out of the total area can be covered to date, he informed before adding that however efforts will be made to cover 80% of the total area till 2020.

Now the population of Manipur is about 27 lakhs and the required amount of fruits in a year is 1, 18, 260 but Manipur can produce 80 tons only that there is a shortfall of 30%, he pointed out while appealing to go all out together to make up the required amount on the floor of the House.

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