MPP suggest dialogue between govt & JCILPS

IMPHAL, June 10: Balancing demography in a state is the responsibility of the state government so as to maintain social order without which social disorder is bound to occur, said a press release issued Sunday by the Manipur Peoples’ Party.

The ongoing ILP movement by the civil society attempting to maintain the demographic balance of the state by restoring Inner Line Permit system which was previously imposed in Manipur has alerted the law makers thereby passing a resolution to put into operation ILP again in the state of Manipur and consequent forwarding of it to Central government for necessary legal process, it reminded.

The press release termed CM O Ibobi Singh irresponsible for inviting CSO to go together to Delhi for meeting PM and Home minister so as to have a dialogue on this issue while it further demanded that CM should take responsibility instead of assigning responsibility to JCILPS and students organisations.

In the meantime, Communist Party of India (Marxist Leninist) CPI (ML) has also issued today a press release on this crucial issue of ILP which has attracted time and energy of the masses that the outsiders will soon outnumber the indigenous population thereby destroying economy, culture and religion of the land. In view of it, the Manipur Legislative Assembly had passed a private member resolution on July 13, 2012 but Manipur government is demonstrating their tyranny by way of verbal threat and bullying those leaders who are accelerating ILP movement in support of the July 13 Manipur Assembly resolution. Such irresponsible action will bring no solution but it only invites an adverse course of action.

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