Man’s best friend feels the knife at Sadar Hills

KANGPOKPI, June 10: For the past month, Sadar Hills has witnessed the slaying of more than hundreds of dogs despite the anti-rabies vaccination programs being held at various places within the areas under the initiatives of the Deputy Director, Vety Sub-Divisional Kangpokpi to avert casualty due to rabies.

While, the Vety Department has suggested "Anti-Rabies Vaccination", the option chosen by the general public of Sadar Hills as the best precautionary measure and method to avert casualties due to dog bites has become the act of slaying dogs.

A resident of Motbung on conditions of anonymity to disclose his identity told this correspondent, “Though I love my domestic pet and want to save it, I have no other option other than killing it since rabies infection is  dangerous not only for one individual but the society as a whole”.

Another resident added, “When death cases have been witnessed due to dog bites, we have no confidence in the vaccine”.

“The best thing is to kill them,” he pointed out.

Mention may be made that after the death of a school going student at Motbung, the Village Authority as well as the youth clubs ordered for the dog owners in the vicinity to kill their dogs within a short period of time.

The order also said that, a sum of Rs.5,000/- as fine will be imposed on anyone who does not comply with the order.

The order further said it would impose a fine of Rs. 2 lakh to the dog owner, in case their pet animal bites anyone while a sum of Rs.10 lakh would be imposed as fine or compensation in case a person dies due to the pet.

Recently, just after the vaccination of anti-rabies was conducted at Kangpokpi, the town committee informed and ordered all dog owners to slay their dogs in the town.

In case any unwanted incident has been caused by the pet animal the concerned owner will bear all responsibilities, said the town committee order.

The order for slaying the domestic pet has also been witnessed at Keithelmanbi areas, Tujang areas, Sapormeina areas, Kalapahar areas as well as Changoubung, Mayangkhang and even Taphou Kuki village and its neighbouring villages.

More than 200 dogs has been slayed in Motbung alone while more than a 100 has been killed so far in Kangpokpi and is still going on.

For the past one month, dog meat has been available everywhere within Sadar Hills at a very cheap price.

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