BJP reiterates stance on ILP

IMPHAL, June 25: The BJP has today demanded the government to legislate an Act to safeguard the identity of the indigenous communities of Manipur living under constant threat from the large scale influx of illegal non-locals from other states and from other countries including Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal.

Speaking to media persons during a press conference, BJP Manipur Pradesh member, Prof H Tikendra Singh said that the state government lacks a conceptual clarity on the issue of ILP and as such, it is not putting much effort to implement the ILP in the state.

As per the provision of Article 19 (5) of Indian Constitution, the state government can enact ILP so the government has to adopt ILP in the state without delay, he said.

He elaborated that the Inner Line Permit System/Passport System was in place in the state till November 17, 1950 and was lifted on November 18, 1950 by the erstwhile Chief Commissioner of Manipur Himmat Singh opening the floodgate to the non-indigenous people into the state.

Elaborating further, he said that the local populace is disturbed that the local language, dialects, economy and survival of local labourers are all being threatened by the large scale influx of non-locals and that , the indigenous people will be wiped out sooner than later.

He further said that the BJP Manipur Pradesh condemns the state Assembly for taking a resolution to this effect which may not be effective rather which could be only a time consuming tactic.

The BJP Manipur Pradesh further demanded for legislation of the “Land Use Policy” immediately to safeguard the indigenous people.

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