Street play HIV AIDS awareness

KANGPOKPI, May 30: An HIV/AIDS Awareness Street Play program was held at Kangpokpi bazar on Wednesday.

The street play awareness program on HIV/AIDS was jointly organized by MLSS, LWS, MACS and NACO to spread awareness about the diseases and to show the responsibilities of the society living together with HIV/AIDS patient.

S Loken, member of the LWS told this correspondent that, to promote awareness of HIV/AIDS and also to show the responsibilities of every individual living together with HIV/AIDS patient.

“We are touring and have organized street plays today at Senapati and Kangpokpi”, he said.

He further said that, the tour program will continue tomorrow at Thonglang Atongba and Thonglang Akutpa along Imphal Tamenglong Road, commonly known as IT Road and proceed toward Mao Gate and Paomata on the next day.

The Street play was followed by a quiz for crowd on topics related to HIV/AIDS.

The first question of the organizers was the name of the vaccine that can help a new born baby whose mother is a HIV/AIDS patient completely free.

Unfortunately, no one was able to provide the correct answer to the questions. Therefore it can be assume that HIV/AIDS awareness is still very low in and around Kangpokpi.

The organizers then, put another question whether HIV/AIDS can be transmitted through shaking hand, dining together, hugging etc.

Interestingly, one youth step forward to answer the question and flatly denied transmission of HIV/AIDS through shaking hand or dining together. The organizers handed over a cash award before the other witnesses and claimed that their tour program will surely bear its fruits.

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