Include moral education in police training: AMSGO

IMPHAL, May 4: The instability and panic among the people is the result of politicalization, quota system, favouritism, corruption and not selection on merit basis in the recruitment of police personnel since a very long time. This was said by S Sumati, Secretary of the All Manipur Students’ Guardians’ Organization (AMSGO) in a press conference at its office today. Sumati expressed desire that moral education be included in the police training.

"The Government has been interested in police modernization and recruiting many personnel despite the issue of untimely payment of salaries. Police personnel have been involved in many crimes for they fail to think of their motherland but are trying to regain the money which they bribed, to get the job," she maintained.

She continued that the police department does not enjoy the confidence of the people as persons with integrity, sincerity, spirit are not selected as Chair of the recruitment board since long.

Moreover, security personnel has been continuing to involve in many crimes and unwanted incidents in the name of insurgency and no right judgement has been delivered resulting in the rule by a dangerous law like that of a terrorist law, Sumati added.

She also said the dangerous laws spread by the persons who hold law in their hands should be eradicated from the soil of the state by the Home Minister by screening the police department.

It is only with proper governance that the state and its society will be brought, Sumati added.

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