CCpur locals reeling from effects of natural furies of last two days

LAMKA, May 4: The effect of windstorm and shower of hailstones that ravaged many parts of Lamka in the last two days is still being felt with people still not coming to terms with the calamity.

Statistics available at the office of DC, CCpur shows that there are about 100 houses which  have been totally damaged while another 300 houses are reported as partially damaged in the Churachandpur sub-division alone.

The SDC attached to the CCPur DC office, Khaikhopau says that the administration is taking every possible care to address the issue. "As of now, two relief camps are being run by the government, one at PT Sport Complex and the other at SSPP residential school in New Lamka which is providing shelter to more than 30 families." He added that the administration is closely monitoring the situation and the statistics is bound to be altered in a couple of day as far flung areas are not fully accounted as of now with regard to damages sustained.

Taking to the media at his office in Tuibuang, Langkhapau Guite, chairman CCpur ADC who is receiving reports from the BDO said that they are trying to utilize every possible and available means like the IAY schemes on a need basis  and added that he had instructed for monitoring rehabilitation.

Guite said that though the statistics of the far flung area are not accounted due to communication hurdle, Saikot area alone accounted for 250 damaged houses. He further added that Khominthang which has about 74 house has reported damages while 13  houses have been damaged at Misssion Veng Hiangtam Lamka.

At Singat area, Singat proper had 15 houses affected with two totally destroyed; Lungthul had  18 houses affected  including a community hall in Sezawl village; at Thanlon area, Suang pek had 7 houses damaged while Kotlian had 3 houses damaged; at Tipaimukh area, Senvon had 12 houses damaged with Parvachal accounting for 11 houses damaged; at Saiton area, 14 houses were damaged; at B Vengnom, 31 houses were damaged, including one church.

The Chairman added that there are five schools under the ADC CCpur that were damaged which are Seilal, Lhangzawl, Tuithapi, Thenmol and Sanglien JB School.

He continued that the causes of the schools collapse are partly man-made as most buildings are built without using iron bars.

Guite further appealed to all concerned that this practice, at least in the education institution should not be done.

Despite a disaster management body under the Govt. but the ADC Chairman candidly acknowledged that the help from Government came in too late in many cases as the procedural  practice of photo proof etc which is to be verified and forwarded by Village Council are still pending.

MLA 's of the area are also taking their part by supplying  rice to the victims.

Many MDCs are supplying roofing sheets to their constituent people notably the Hiangtam Lamka MDC who supplied more than 40 bundles.

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