1 AR personnel killed in likely IED blast at Thoubal

IMPHAL, March 22: A personnel of the Assam Rifles has been killed while was another injured in an Improvised Explosive Device explosion at Thoubal district which has been claimed by the proscribed Revolutionary Peoples’ Front to be the handiwork of its Special Warfare Group of its armed wing Peoples’ Liberation Army.

According to the police, the explosion occurred this morning around 8:55 am along the road side of Leirongthel Lamkhai under Yairipok Police Station in Thoubal District, killing a personnel of the 15 Assam Rifles at the spot. Police source said the explosion could have been triggered off using remote control and could have weighed around 10 kg.

The explosion created a 2 feet radius crater.

Further according to the source, commuters of the Leironthel Lamkhai road and locals informed police about the presence of an IED planted along the road.

Soon after getting the information, a police team inclusive of commandos led by Yairipok Police Officer in charge, Inspector Ranbir rushed to the spot and found the explosive planted at a roadside pit along the road connecting Leirongthel Lamkhai to Chandrakhong.

The exact spot is just about 7kms north east of Yairipok PS.

Soon after arriving at the spot, police barricaded and stopped all vehicular and public traffic along the road and informed the police bomb expert.

At the same time, the 15th Assam Rifles, Thoubal Post Commandant arrived to provide assistance, the police said. It is learnt that as soon as two escort personnel of the 15th AR CO went near the IED, the explosive was triggered off at 9:55am.

The IED had an antennae which was covered with grass and twigs to hide it from the view, police source said.

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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