Local brew misused, agree woman activists

IMPHAL, October 29: With the aim of promoting indigenous cuisines of the region during the ongoing Chinjak Festival, an interaction session was held today on the social benefits and harm resulting from locally produced fermented alcoholic beverages known as Atingba.

The programme held at the centre stage of Iboyaima Shumang Leela Shanglen as a part of Talk the Food programme was attended by women activist Ramani, general secretary of Nupi Samaj; Ayekpam Langdon Leima, advisor CLK; Landhoni, general secretary Poirei Leimarol; Leirik, president of Kanglamei; and Ibetombi, president of WACAK.

Raman stated that the local brew and other alcoholic beverages are items that have been used in our traditional practices from the past. They have been used for medicinal purposes, she added.

She described the ways in which the alcoholic items were used in ancient rituals of Manipur and inseparability from social activities. However, she rued, in the present days the intake of these same alcoholic drinks in an abusive manner had taken the form of a predator and destructor.  

She further expressed condemnation over the preferences provided to traditional products from other region over our own. We should encourage indigenous products and even prepare our dresses from locally available materials.

Leirik stated that local-made alcohol drinks were counted among useful items. Even, the processes for fermentation and distillation were better in the past, she added. Modern society has been shredded by alcohol abuse and many individuals are suffering from various diseases, she stated.

She also discouraged the use of non-local products and added that promotion of indigenous items will increase its demand in the markets and hence its volume of production.

Landhoni mentioned that many alcohol products are part of our traditional and rituals ceremonies. Nowadays, the items have been abused extensively and politicians have exploited it for their selfish gains. After the merger with India, Manipur has lost many of its indigenous foods, vegetables and other products.

Langdon Leima continued that our traditional products should be preserved and not used wrongly, otherwise it will face extinction.      

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