College elections imbroglio may snowball into major row

IMPHAL, October 20: The recent reported imbroglio during the college elections at Modern College has invoked interest from student bodies as well as teachers’ body.

The All Manipur College Teachers’ Association (AMCTA) in a press release has condemned the reported assault of teachers at Modern College, Porompat during the counting process of ensuing college election, 2013-14 on the night of October 18.

Lamenting the incident, the student body has said, “AMCTA felt insecure and threatened in our lives at the hands of the miscreants”.

“If proper protection is not provided and measures are not taken up, the beauty of the democratic leadership will be gone and goonda-ism will overrule…”

It has further demanded that the government of Manipur should take up proper investigation and actions to check such events and measures be made to ensure that such incidents do not occur again.

Drawing the attention of the society, students and authority, the teachers’ body has also said, “In future, no teacher will be willing to join college elections, if proper protections are not provided”.

Meanwhile, a press note of the Kuki Students Organization general headquarters signed by its vice president (adm) Mangcha Baite has said that the organization since its inception has never interfered in college students’ union elections, as it believes college students unions are meant exclusively for the welfare of their colleges.

While elaborating that the student body has no knowledge about the imbroglio, it is baffled at the same time as to how its name has been dragged into the imbroglio.

It claimed the incident to be “unfortunate and KSO deemed as a plot to destroy the long cherished cordial relation between KSO and valley students’ organizations by some unscrupulous individuals”.

It said the body will also constitute a probe into how its name got dragged into the situation. “Lastly, KSO hopes the Joint Monitoring Cell will monitor college elections in a free and fair manner without bias ... However, if situation compels there are no conditions that KSO will not be involved on college elections”, it said.

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