MLA Ibomcha calls for GPS to determine exact locations of border pillars

IMPHAL, September 22: “Advanced satellite imaging techniques with Global Positioning System will be able to determine the exact locations of the border pillars and help to install/erect new pillars to replace the missing/displaced ones for all proper border fencing should also be done by observing internationally agreed norm”, said MLA Laishom Ibomcha Singh at his residence while addressing a press conference this afternoon.

He said the Union government must clarify on the widely reported news of sacrificing Manipur land to Myanmar in the name of security fencing and to appease certain contractors. Furthermore, he appealed to all the political parties and NGOs “to shed their political colours and differences and join in a mass movement against giving away land to Myanmar.”

The NCP would also like an all party meeting in the near future to discuss the various issues arising out of the border fencing issue and take up appropriate measures to solve the issue once and for all, he said.

The NCP will appraise its national leaders on the issue to ensure that adequate inputs are given to the PM and other concern Union Ministers, he assured.

“We want the central government to consider the issues as seriously as it does when similar issues involving Indo-Pak borders come up and the Manipur government to actively participate in the movement in public interest”, he concluded.

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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