CCpur death over mobile phone case resolved

LAMKA, Sept 16: The issue arising out of the reported death of an alleged KNF (Z) cadre who died following an assault by cadres of the HPC-D over a mobile phone has been amicably settled by the Kuki Inn pi CCpur and Hmar Inn Pui under the initiative of the KNO and the UPF headed by Helien Kipgen and Calvin Khenthang respectively.

It was reported that one Jangkholun (31), son of Dokhothang of Kholmun village lost his life while two of his friends were severely injured after a fight broke out reportedly over the matter of a lost mobile phone.

During a reconciliation meeting held today at around 11am, it was resolved that a compensation of Rs two lakhs will be handed to the family of the dead, while an amount of Rs 50,000 will be given to the two injured.

It was also resolved  that as per customary  practices, the  offender will  give  a traditional Gong (Zampi) and   2 necklaces made of  traditional beads (Khitang ) to the deceased's family.

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