UNC demands Centre’s seriousness on ‘Alternate Arrangement’

KANGPOKPI, August 28: The United Naga Council has asked the government of India to be serious on the issue of its Alternative Arrangement demand and to come up with a settlement in the 6th round of tripartite talks, between the Naga body and the governments of India and Manipur.

"The government of India has expressed difficulties in terms of intervention at the moment but we have already submitted our postulate of what the Alternative Administrative Arrangement is. We feel that explanation and justification of our position have been already made. So now the Government of India has to be serious about intervention and come out with a settlement".

This was stated by the president of United Naga Council L Adani before media persons at Mao Gate on the occasion of 65th Anniversary of Martyrs’ Day yesterday. He went on to say, "If the process is just a tactic or a technique to engage us so that we will be kept at bay, we do not find it meaningful and we definitely will make it very clear to the Government of India that it is a good opportunity to start their intervention process."

"The Government of India should go by the merit of the issue. We have a historical basis, a political basis. We also have issues which are very important to live in life with devotee and honour as a people and also the issue of the right of our ownership of land", added the UNC Chief.

The United Naga Council president warned the governments that if the Government of India and the process did not come out with some logical progression or result, the UNC will intensify its protest however not necessarily blockade in the voice and language which the government of India will listen to because they are going by the merit of the issue.

Mention may be made that a 7 member squad led by United Naga Council president L.Adani and Paul Leo, President Committee for Alternative Arrangement including member of Committee for Alternative Arrangement left Imphal this afternoon for New Delhi to participate in the 6th Round of tripartite talk on 30th August, 2013.

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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