MPP charges Govt for wrongdoing

IMPHAL, August 11: The Manipur People’s Party has today said in a press release reacting to the news report on the selection of SI/Jamandar declared on August 6 of which the news report pointed out that a candidate who failed in the written test was selected for appointment to the post of Sub Inspector.

In this connection, MPP said in the press release that the O Ibobi led govt is portraying themselves in words as loving compatriots of the state while they are practicing just opposite to their words, it charged.

The press release further said that CM O Ibobi Singh has said in public platform that it is not possible to run Govt without the help of the people while the same govt is practicing wrongdoing in broad daylight, it said.

The press release continued adding that it is the talk of the people at here and there that some corrupt practices were employed in the selection of police personnel but could not establish as a truth due to lack of evidence, while charging that the Govt is caught in red handed this time thereby demanding to cancel the result and a fresh recruitment process, it said. 

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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