KSDC bandh total in Kpi

KANGPOKPI, August 14: The 48 hrs total bandh sponsored by the KSDC in all Kuki-settled areas in Manipur has totally and completely shut down all normal activities in the entire area especially in and around Kangpokpi.

The 48 hrs total bandh by KSDC demanding creation of a seperate "Kuki State" has severely affected the inter-state transport system disrupting the transport system along the National Highway 2 leading to the state capital for the first day today.

Even local vehicular movement between Taphou Kuki and Gamgiphai via Kangpokpi, Sapormeina and Motbung along the highway have been intensely disrupted.

At Taphou Kuki village, a large number of KSDC bandh supporters were seen blocking the National Highway 2.

Kai Chongloi, onebandh supporter at Taphou Kuki Village while speaking to media persons who were on tour to inspect the situation along the NH-2 said, "untill Kuki State is achieved, we will resort to any kind of agitation as per the KSDC decision".

"Here, except those activities exempted from the purview of the bandh by the KSDC, we do not allow any types of transportation and if anyone violates the KSDC decision, we will not tolerate it and will take serious action against them", said Chongloi who went on to appeal to everyone not to create any unwanted incident by violating the bandh.

Though a few shops were seen open at Sapormeina and Motbung, not a single shop or other business establishments were seen open at Kangpokpi and its adjoining areas along the NH-2.

Both govt and private run educational institutions as well as all govt offices or establishment remained closed for the day.

There are also report of stranded vehicles including loaded trucks, passenger buses and wingers, etc. at Mao gate and Senapati DHQ.

Many people were seen walking by foot along the deserted National Highway 2 from Senapati to Gamgiphai which is 40 to 45 Km.approximately.

There is no report of any untoward incident till filing of this report though the intensity of the stir is much higher than before.

In the meantime, though there is no official announcement of total boycott of the 66th India Independence Day celebration, the Kukis are likely to stay away from it.

Information secretary George Guite of KSDC alleged that Kukis were alienated by the governments by grabbing their Constitutional Rights i.e land, heritage, customary institutions, lives, etc through ordinance and legislative acts while adding that the Government of India has not acknowledged the sentiments of the Kukis and keep on ignoring the aspiration of the Kuki people even after 50 years of the movement.

Henceforth, the KSDC is appealing to the people to stay away from India's 66th Independence Day Celebration in the entire nation, added George Guite.

Prior to the KSDC's 48 hrs total bandh in all Kuki-settled areas, Manipur witnessed a similar stir from the Naga community spearheaded by the United Naga Council (UNC) who have been protesting against the Centre's failure to hold the sixth round of tripartite talk on their demand for an Alternative Administrative Arrangement for the Naga-inhabited areas in Manipur.

Just after the UNC strike, the Kuki State Demand Committee (KSDC) imposed a similar length of strike from midnight of August 13 demanding creation of a separate "Kuki State" to scissor out the Kuki-settled portion from the existing state.

"The demand of KSDC is Kuki Statehood, nothing more nothing less", noted George Guite, information Secretary of KSDC while adding that the KSDC will continue the movement till a Kuki State is achieved.

While making clear that the Alternative Administrative Arrangement (AAA) demanded by the United Naga Council is "impractical", the Union Government stated that a new state for the Kuki's is "Impossible" to be curved out of Manipur which is much smaller than any district of Assam and West Bengal whereas the Nagas have also maintained that the proposed Kuki State will be "Impossible" if Naga areas are included.

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