Committee submits memo against power line construction

IMPHAL, August 26: The Committee Against the Erection of 400 KV Double Circuit Power Grid Tower at Longmai (Noney) has submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister of the State who also holds the Power portfolio urging to resurvey the proposal Power Grid Tower Line in between T No 252 to T No 237 at the earliest, said a press release of the committee.

In the memorandum, the committee urged to halt the survey works until the environment clearance is completed as the new proposed construction of Power Grid Tower Line which will be crossing in the middle of the village which is densely populated inhabited areas would affect human health and other living organism on a large scale.

It said that the general public endorses the earlier survey works (from Duidaipangngou to Pandan, 57 kms/T No 252 to 64 kms/T No 237) which is safer and distant from the mainland dominated area as the proposed site.

“Or else, several stern mass agitations will be initiated in a democratic process to safeguard the indigenous people rights until we achieve our goals under the provision and framework of the Indian Constitution. And if necessary, legal actions will also be initiated against the concerned construction company or the agency in the larger interest of the general public,’’it cautioned.

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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