“State has no rights to infringe Sana Konung”

IMPHAL, July 2: The Royal Council of the Sana Konung has cried foul post the deliberation at Manipur Legislative Assembly regarding the acquisition of Royal Palace under the Historical Monument Act yesterday between opposition leader I Ibohanbi and the Chief Minister Okram Ibobi on the floor of the House.

Addressing a press meet in this regard today at the Palace, Puyam Tomcha, legal advisor to the Royal Council said that the statement of the CM is surprising. He said that the State government has no legal rights to infringe on the Sana Konung despite the provision given under the Act. He also mentioned that any architect cannot restore the Sana Konung and the same calls for an expert who is well acquainted with the historical aspects of the Palace.

He further mentioned that many festivals are held in the state and certain projects are implemented for bringing about development and questioned why has the state government suddenly decided to act now for restoring the palace while keeping quiet about this issue in the past. He also mentioned the palace of Tripura was annexed by the respective government but due to the fact that the Tripuris had become a minority. He questioned whether the Manipuri government has viewed the state populace in a similar manner. Under the Manipur Town and Country Planning Act, 1975 section 29, Kangla Fort which was a protected area has also been announced as a ‘Scheme Area’ in January 16, 2004. The Kangla Fort Board which was instituted is also questionable as under which Act it was promulgated, he said and added that it cannot be set up under the Manipur Town and Country Planning Act.  

He mentioned that  the then Deputy Commissioner in 1991 had approached the Royal Palace to declare the Kangla as his rightful claim, but then it was decided that the Kangla Fort would be in better hands  with the Government.

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