Ningtam Engkhol at Tekcham draws attention

IMPHAL, July 28: A new tourist spot has been developed at Tekcham Maning Ching (a hillock at the westward of Tekcham) by planting a variety of fruit bearing trees, seasonal flowers and also horticultural plants.

This tourist spot is named as Ningtam Engkhol.

It is reported that one Laishram Subhash has developed this tourist spot for the last two years in an attempt to maintain ecological balance in the area. This tourist spot was started with 50 numbers of saplings from the Forest Department.

Talkinging about his initiative about the spot, Subhash commented that people did not acknowledge his initiative at the beginning while adding that people are now extending cooperation to his enterprise. Subhash has planted a number of rare plants such as Shamba, Bokul, Manahei and also lemon, orange, mango, jack fruit, etc in the area of the hillock.

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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