Forum for Naga Reconciliation statement

IMPHAL, July 7: “The Forum for Naga Reconciliation makes this call after five years of continuously forming relationships, discerning challenges and dilemmas, overcoming deadlocks, developing trust, discovering common ground, and learning the various perspectives and positions of the Naga Political Groups”, said a press release of the FNR.

“In order to strengthen the “Covenant of Reconciliation” and move forward together, structural transformation shaping a reconciled political reality within Naga society is needed. This imperative is more urgently felt in light of the present circumstances”.

The structural framework in the form of a provisional Naga National Government NNG (P), as agreed upon in the “Naga Concordant,” is required to be accommodative of all Naga Political Groups. This is in the common cause of pursuing in a united effort our shared historical and political rights and creating a dignified and peaceful society, it said.

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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