NSCN (K) refutes SF claim on encounter

IMPHAL, June 26: A statement of the NSCN-K/GPRN signed by its deputy home, K Aching Rongmei has claimed that the outfit has established facts with regards to the June 22 incident wherein six cadre of the outfit were reportedly gunned downed by a team of the 10th Assam Rifles.

It said, “After having constituted a fact finding team by the high authority of the outfit, it was learned that on June 21 the cadres were taken by Major Gangan saying that the CO of the 10 AR Ajay Sharma has invited them for a tea party”.

“As there is a cease fire between the GOI and NSCN-K, the cadres under good faith accepted the invitation unaware of the sinister design of the 10 AR”, it said while adding that all the cadres were in civilian dresses and had no weapons on them when they were being taken away by the Major.

It said that the NSCN-K/GPRN does not take the incident lightly and vehemently condemned the killing.

It continued that although there might have been dissatisfaction amongst the public for the delay on the part of the outfit to swiftly react to the issue, the outfit regret the delay as it was caused due to certain communication gap, it added.

“We sincerely thanked various organizations for extending their help to the outfit including the UNC who have exposed the bitter truth behind the incident. We fully endorse the UNC with regards to the incident”, it said.

It has further dismissed all claims of the AR saying that there was no encounter and no weapons had been brought from Myanmar nor does the NSCN-K/GPRN has any camp at Sonlong village.

It has also shared the pain and sorrow of the bereaved families of the six cadres.

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