India abstains from voting on Syria resolution

United Nations, May 16: India abstained from voting on the Arab-backed, US supported resolution on Syria in the UN General Assembly, which called for a political transition.

India was joined by 58 other countries who abstained in General Assembly voting on the non-binding resolution, which was passed by 107 votes on Wednesday.

Twelve countries, including Russia voted against it.

In August 2012, a similar resolution had received 133 votes.

Pakistan voted in favour of the resolution, in a significant change from its previous position.

Explaining on India's decision to abstain on the resolution, the Indian Ambassador to the UN, Asoke Kumar Mukerji, cautioned the members of the General Assembly that unilateral action of any kind will not resolve the crisis.

"It will only exacerbate the problem and cause greater instability and violence even beyond Syria's borders," he said.

"We would once again reiterate our position that the leadership of Syria is a matter for Syrians to decide themselves," said the Indian Ambassador.

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