Free anti rabies vaccination drive at Kangpokpi

KANGPOKPI, May 30: Following a case of death due to dog bite at Motbung village, the office of the Deputy Director, Vety. Sub-Divisional, Kangpokpi is now steps to avert such cases by starting anti rabbies vaccination programs at different places within Sadar Hills .

A mass free anti rabies vaccination program was conducted at Bazar Board, Kanglatongbi on May 28 by Deputy Director, Vety. Sub-Divisional Kangpokpi under the guidance of Director, Vety. & Animal Husbandry Service, Govt. of Manipur in collaboration with the Gram Panchayat Kanglatongbi, Bazar Board Committee Kanglatongbi and United Youth Club Kanglatongbi respectively.

Over 250 dogs were vaccinated during the vaccination program conducted at Kanglatongbi areas, reported the Vety. Sub-Divisional Dept.

Subsequently, the same vaccination program has been conducted today at Kangpokpi and Daili village by the Dy. Director, Vety. Sub-Divisional, Kangpokpi in collaboration with the Town Committee and Village authority respectively where the number of people coming with their canine pet for the vaccination has turn up significantly high.

Speaking to media the Dy. Director, Vety. Sub-Divisional Kangpokpi Dr. L.Daili Lawo said that, it is exceedingly encouraging that the turn up for the vaccination of Anti Rabies vaccine is going well.

Highlighting the symptoms of rabies infected dogs, Dr. L.Daili Lawo elaborated that, rabies infected dog shows salivation in the mouth and show signs of being afraid of water to the extent of totally avoiding drinking water.

Vaccinating Anti Rabies Vaccine is the best remedy said Dr. L. Daili Lawo, adding that  “Novibac Rabies” must be given once every year with a re-vaccination after 6 months for superlative effectiveness.

With a huge turn up of dog owners, the vaccine was in short supply today. In this regard, Dr Lawo said that the vaccination drive was will continue for the left out canines after procuring adequate quantity of the vaccine from the Director.

In the meantime, Kanggui Youth Union met the Dy. Director, Vety. Sub-Divisional Kangpokpi Dr. L. Daili Lawo today after the vaccination program and put up certain issue related to the department.

The Union Inf. & Pub. Secretary Ginna Hangshing appealed to the Vety. Dept. to look every possible step to ensure safety of all domestic animals in and around Kangpokpi as well as the general public.

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