Emergency: Nigeria commences troop’s deployment in 3 state

Nairobi, May 16: Massive troops movement towards three troubled northern states states has started in Nigeria, after President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency in places where insurgency has become very much pronounced.

The oil rich African country's ministry of defence on Wednesday said the troops' movement was aimed at getting rid of terrorists along the nation's territories.

Residents of the Yobe, Adamawa and Borno, said a large influx of soldiers and military equipment has begun sending fears into the heart of the civilians who fear they could be caught up in the impending fight between troops and militants.

An Islamic militant group, Boko Haram has taken over several local governments areas in the affected states and were threatening to extend their influence to other parts of the country.

The insurgents have been attacking government structures, killing politicians, government officials, traditional rulers, soldiers, police and civilians.

On Tuesday, Jonathan declared a state of emergency in three troubled northern states, where a radical Islamist outfit has been carrying out killings and battling with government forces.

In a televised address to the nation, Jonathan said the military will take "all necessary action" to put an end to the impunity of insurgents and terrorists.

Boko Haram has killed more than 2000 people since it started insurgency in 2009.

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