ZLR bodies lament on NGOs muteness

IMPHAL, April 7 : Zeliangrong organisations have expressed their unhappiness over the stance of the various social and students organisations and political parties and even the state government for choosing to maintain mute over the Alice Kamei case who is now reportedly in the custody of the Revolutionary Peoples Front/Peoples Liberation Front (RPF/PLA).

Though the militant outfit RPF/PLA had clarified that Alice Kamei, a school going girl had joined the fold of the outfit on her own volition, the Zeliangrong organisations refuted that version and said the 14 years old school girl was abducted by the outfit to be trained as its cadre.

On Sunday, All Zeliangrong Students Union (AZSU), Zeliangrong Youth Front (ZYF) and Zeliangrong Students Union, Manipur (ZSUM) held a meeting and discussed the matter in dept and expressed their lamentation that students and social organisations who used to be vocal on any issue chose to remain mute on the Alice Kamei case.

"On certain issues which were less important, organisations and political parties often go to Delhi to highlight them to the Central leaders but today when a serious issue as in the case of the abduction of a school girl had cropped up, no political parties or civil bodies dare to open their mouth," rued AZSU, ZSUM and ZYF in the meeting today. "Had Alice Kamei hails from the majority community, we know what sort of social unrest Imphal must be witnerssing," added the Zeliangrong organisations. AZSU, ZYF and ZSUM also deplore the lethargic attitude of the state government of Manipur on the Alice Kamei case.

"However, we are not going to get cowed down even if no other organisations have comeforth to voice in the Alice Kamei abduction case," affirmed the Zeliangrong organisations. They warned that the third phase of agitation will soon be launched on the matter.

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