Zeliangrong bodies seeks Presidential intervention on Alice Kamei case

IMPHAL, April 15: Zeliangrong organizations have sought the intervention of the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee on the Alice Kamei case who is allegedly in the custody of Revolutionary Peoples' Front/Peoples Liberation Army (RPF/PLA). The President of India is currently on a two-day visit to Manipur starting today.

Mentionably, the RPF/PLA had said that Alice Kamei is 16 years old and had joined the outfit on her own volition while the Zeliangrong organizations have rejected the former's version and accused the militant outfit of kidnapping the school girl to force her to join the group. The Zeliangrong organizations also said that Alice Kamei is only 14 years old.

In a joint memorandum submitted to the President of India today, the All Zeliangrong Students Union (AZSU), Zeliangrong Youth Front (ZYF) and Zeliangrong Students Union Manipur (ZSUM) said minor school girl Alice Kamei, a Class-IX student of Grace Reach Academy, Hiyanglam who has been held captive by Revolutionary People’s Front/ People’s Liberation Army (RPF/PLA) since March 10. The AZSU, ZYF and ZSUM have demanded for the President of India's immediate intervention to secure the safe release of the captive minor girl.

"It has been more than one month since Alice Kamei has been held captive by RPF/PLA but the Government of Manipur chooses to remain a silent spectator inspite of the memorandum and the ultimatum submitted and resorting of different forms of democratic agitation demanding the safe release of the school girl," the AZSU, ZYF and ZSUM alleged.

The memorandum then said that the Government of Manipur's impartiality and bias dealing has become a routine affairs towards the Nagas in particular and tribals in general.

"There are various possible ways and avenues for the government of Manipur to secure release the minor school girl had there been equality in dispensing of responsibility, willingness, commitment, respect to her life, honour the voice of people. But it is only because the government of Manipur's sheer negligence, less concern, communal, systematic manipulation, suppression, segregative mindset, the minor school girl has been held captive for more than one month by RPF/PLA without any justifiable reasons," the AZSU, ZYF and ZSUM pointed out in their memorandum.

It then said that the Government of Manipur might be well aware from its intelligence network regarding the health status of the captive minor school girl as she is physically unfit due to poor eyesight. She needs regular medical check-up as she is also under medication for serious health problem as per her family source.

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