Zeliangrong bodies counters RPF/PLA

IMPHAL, April 5 : "The revelation of Revolutionary People's Front (RPF) regarding the minor school girl Alice Kamei who has been held captive since March 10, after the matter was kept concealed from revealing to the general public for about one month was done following the persistent public pressure. The RPF/PLA claimed that the minor school girl had joined the militant outfit on their own volition is the outfit's version which cannot be taken as true since the minor school girl is still in their custody," stated the All Zeliangerong Students Union (AZSU), Zeliangrong Youth Front (ZYF) and Zeliangring Students Union, Manipur (ZSUM).

The RPF/PLA's statement saying that the minor school girl has already attained 16 years is without basis and totally wrong as far as the parents who gave her birth is concern as such the statement is desperate attempt to mislead the general which the general public will never accept at all, AZSU, ZYF and ZSUM said today.

"Below 18 years is not permissible under the International laws as such the statement is complete violation and non compliance of the laws. The stand of the RPF/PLA not to release the minor school girl but urged the people to stop demanding for her release is only injecting strength to start rigorous public movement. The peoples' stand to rescue the minor school girl from the custody of the RPF/PLA is very clear therefore, the third phase movement will begin as and when the 2nd phase public democratic agitation is completed," AZSU president Tingenlung Pamei, ZYF president Titus Kamei and ZSUM chairman D Stephen Zeme warned.

Meanwhile, the Zeliangrong leaders expressed that it is shocking and dismaying to hear deputy chief minister, Gaikhangam, who is in-charge of the Home Department who had said that the minor school girl 'willingly' joining the organisation is unfortunate. "This has given the impression to the general public that the minister had interface interview with the minor school girl at the RPF's custody. Such words are venomous and not appropriate at this critical juncture and never expected to be commented by a person of such high responsibility. It has totally reflected the minister's complete ignorance of the international law wherein clearly says total forbidden to all arms groups to recruit any minor who is less than 18 years to be cadre. The organisations spearheading for the safe release of the minor school girl appeals all responsible citizens not to meddle or politicize on such sensitive issue but to extend support for her safe release on humanoitarian ground," the ASZU, ZYF and ZSUM stated.

"There are few individuals of vested interest with malicious intention and deliberate attempt to sabotage the peoples' protest by spreading fabricated tales and rumours as such the rumour mongers' role and character will be exposed before the general public. The propagation of rumours amounts to glorification of the minor school girl's captivity by RPF/PLA and hence it is against the law which is punishable," the Zel;iangrong youth leaders said.

The Zeliangrong youths and students' organisations extremely feel happy and appreciate to see the response of different right thinking people and organisatiions expressing their strong objection and demand for the safe release of minor school girl Alice Kamei, said the AZSU,ZYF and ZSUM leaders.

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