Two wounded in shooting as new Italy govt sworn in

Rome, April 28: Two policemen were wounded in a shooting outside government offices in Rome on Sunday, just as the country's new coalition cabinet was being sworn in.

The incident occurred about a kilometre away from the presidential palace where Prime Minister Enrico Letta and his ministers took the oath of office.

Italian news agency ANSA said two policemen were wounded, one in a critical condition, adding that the shooter was also injured, and has been arrested.

The swearing in of the government should bring fresh hope to a country mired in recession after two months of bitter post-election deadlock watched closely by European partners.

Letta was the first to take the oath of office at a ceremony led by President Giorgio Napolitano, who appointed him after the centre-left won February elections but without the majority needed to govern.

The 46-year-old, one of the European Union's youngest prime ministers, is expected to unveil his programme in a parliamentary session on Monday, before the government is put to a confidence vote in parliament on Tuesday.

The deadlock had thwarted efforts to end the worst recession in Italy in 20 years, and Letta has said he wants to move quickly to tackle unemployment -- currently 11.6 per cent -- and boost growth.

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