Thatcher body removed from Ritz, funeral on April 17

London, April 9: The funeral of former British Premier Margaret Thatcher will be held on April 17, the UK government announced on Tuesday, while undertakers removed the body of the 'Iron Lady' from the Ritz Hotel, where she died.

A private ambulance was seen taking away the coffin of Britain's first and only female Prime Minister from the hotel in central London just after midnight on Tuesday.

She had been ill since Christmas, and died on Monday last in the presence of her doctor.

It had been reported in January that the former Prime Minister had decided to recuperate from a bladder surgery in a suite at the five-star landmark in Piccadilly, rather than endure the stairs of her Belgravia townhouse.

Both Houses of Parliament have been recalled following the news of her death and will debate the legacy of the Conservative party leader who was in charge of the country between 1979 and 1990 the longest serving British PM of the 20th century.

Preparations for the funeral, codenamed "Operation True Blue", got underway on Tuesday.

A government committee will meet on a daily basis to co-ordinate the public event.

"The funeral service of Lady Thatcher will take place on Wednesday 17 April at St Paul's Cathedral," Prime Minister David Cameron's Downing Street office said in a statement.

The preparations will be made keeping in mind the wishes of the "frugal" leader.

It has been confirmed that Baroness Thatcher will be given a televised ceremonial funeral next week at St Paul's Cathedral with full military honours.

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