Slow Loris handed over to zoo

IMPHAL, April 8: Slow Loris rescue from the Litan area under Ukhrul district yesterday was handed over to the Manipur Zoological Garden Iroisemba by the Dr Th Ranabir Associated Professor department of animal sciences colleges of agriculture, Central Agriculture University Imphal.

According to the press released signed by the Dr M Reeta Devi, slow loris locally known as ‘Lokdraubi” has been declared as an endangered animal under schedule 1 of wild life protection act 1972. The animal was reportedly to be very common in the hills and plain of the state, however its population has been dwindled due to the habitat destruction and hunting of its parts. The animal species is supposed to be a relict and therefore the press release appeal to preserve and to conserved the slow Loris in the interest of the humanity.

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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