RPF says missing girls have joined the group on their own

IMPHAL, April 4: Owing to the concern raised from several quarters in Manipur demanding the safe release of two school going girls Alice Kamei, daughter of Chakri Tombi Kamei from Nambol Isok Chingfu Kabui Khul and Khaidem Sanahanbi Chanu, daughter of Syam Meitei of Upokpi Bishnupur district; the proscribed Revolutionary Peoples’ Front has in a statement claimed that the two girls had come to the outfit on their own to join the outfit.

The statement signed by the outfit’s chief department of publicity, Bangkim said that Alice Kamei (16)  and Khaidem Sanahanbi Chanu (16) daughter of Syam Meitei of Upokpi Bishnupur district had sought the members of the outfit with the intention of joining the movement of the outfit and as such were taken to the RPF camp on March 13. It claimed that givn the circumstances, there was no question of kidnapping or forcing the two to join the question.

It further mentioned that  there is no cadre of the outfit who was forced to join the outfit.

The outfit has necessity for only those who love their motherland, it said before adding that inducting anyone against their own will into the outfit’s fold is against the outfit’s code of conduct.

The RPF has its own recruiting policy and doesn’t allow anyone into its fold against this policy, it said.

According to the policy, anyone who is 16 or above of age who come willingly are allowed into its fold, it said.

The statement also said that the outfit is aware that 18 years is the international bar for soldier recruitment, but considering the present condition of Manipur, the outfit has resolved to allow anyone who is 16 or above to join the outfit according to their own will.

It is universal for the parents to worry for their children who have taken a dangerous road, and the outfit acknowledge it, the statement said and added that those who have joined the outfit are also allowed to retire t once they feel like doing so.

However the two girls have attained 16 years of age and can join the outfit, it said and added that since the two have come on their own to join the outfit, as of now there is no design of the outfit to hand them over to their parents.

It further claimed that the two girls are safe and sound in the outfit’s camp.

The outfit said the formation of JACs and organizations demanding the release of individuals who have been recruited to by the outfits are improper and  urged the public to consider the works done by the outfit and said the outfit has never done anything to harm the people.

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