Prithviraj affidavit issue will be taken to Parl: BJP, Manipur Pradesh

IMPHAL, April 27: The Bharatiya Janata Party, Manipur Pradesh said that it will take up the case on the matter of Moirang MLA Mairembam Prithviraj providing wrong information about his educational qualification to the Parliament. Thus was announced in a press conference held this evening at the party’s Nityaipat Chuthek office.

It was reported that the MLA who is also a Parliamentary Secretary of the state had filed in his nomination paper for the 2012 general election that he has completed his Masters in Business Administration from the Mysore University in 2003, resulting in the Joint Chief Electoral Officer, Manipur  conveying to the Returning Officer concerned from 27 Moirang Assembly Constituency, to take up disqualification proceedings against the MLA.

Speaking at the press conference, spokesperson, Y Nilamani said that the party alongwith representatives of several civil societies of Moirang held a meeting on the issue yesterday at the party’s Nityaipat Chuthek, Imphal office.

He continued that the opposition candidate had made a complaint against it, however after the RO failed to take proper action, the opposing candidate filed an RTI appeal.

He said the attempt of the MLA to fool the general public by lying about his educational qualification is an unprecedented incident in the history of India’s democracy.

Under the People Representation Act, incorrect and wrong information provided while filing affidavits is punishable, he said.

Further elaborating on the stand of the party, the spokesperson said Prithviraj should resign on his own and if he fails to do so, then the Government should disqualify him.

He further said that in case the government fail to take any punitive action against the MLA, than the party will consult its national leaders on the issue and take it to the floor of the Parliament.

The BJP Manipur Pradesh also condemns the inability of the Ibobi led state government to take any action against the oil pumps that close shops as soon as blockades are called along the Highways creating problems for the people of the state, said publicity secretary of the party Robin Blackie.

He continued that the availability of all essential commodities being brought into the state depend on the transporters and as such, their prices keep on fluctuating. He added the government is unable to control the prices which has led to the business community controlling the prices of the essential commodities in the state.

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