Kidnapped laborers released

JIRIBAM, April 28: Four laborers of the Coastal Project Limited, a firm undertaking construction of tunnels for the railway project who were kidnapped earlier were released safely at a place near the Jiri bazaar at around 5 a.m. The construction work of the railway project was in full in swing day and night with the Railway Ministry giving work tenders to different companies to construct the railway line from Jiri to Tupul when around well armed 15 persons kidnapped them on April 23 at around 10.40 while they were working at Tunnel no. 2 at Thingtupung Area of railway line. Considering that they might have been taken to  various places of villages under Tousem police station, the Jiri police including commando conducted search operations.

A spokesperson of coastal project has further disclosed that the construction work might be withdrawn at any time as UGs demand for a huge amount of money and kidnapping cause inconveniences to the companies working at the railway line construction from Jiri to Tupul.

He continued that UGs could kidnap anyone associated with the project as security measures were not taken up at the work site and the camp area while expressing dissatisfaction over the security arrangement made by the State government.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that security measures have not been taken up at the area where the work is in full swing day and night due to inadequate manpower of security in the area which is highly sensitive and where various UGs are reportedly operating.

In the past few days, about 100 laborers have fled while earlier, about 1000 laborers worked day and night  There are now concerns that if laborers continue to flee, the project come come to a standstill.

The 3.2 k.m. long tunnel of  No-1 of Railway project whose dateline was postponed many times began on March 17, 2011 but 646 m is yet to be completed as of now.

Of 29 tunnels in total, a 9.9 k.m. long tunnel No. 28 will be the longest tunnel.

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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