IMC on cleanliness & sanitation

IMPHAL, April 29:  The Imphal Municipal Council has notified to all the general public that any persons/shopkeepers who throw or deposit litter on the road, lane, footpath, alley or passage, parks, garden, market, public courtyard etc. shall be imposed penalty under the provisions of Bye-Laws No.7 Shcedule I, "The lmphal Municipal Council, (Cleanliness & Sanitation) Bye-Laws 2011".

Further, it said that the shopkeepers/persons transacting their business in and around  Paona Bazar, Thangal Bazar and B.T.Road are depositing/throwing litter on the plant/sapling planted on the roadside by the government and NGOs. "Such activities on the part of the concerned shopkeepers or persons shall be viewed seriously and dealt with in accordance with law while appealing tothe General public to inform the authorities of the Imphal Municipal Council of any persons/shopkeepers who deposit or throw litter on the plants grown on the street side ofThangal Bazar, Paona Bazar and B. T. Road, so that appropriate penalty may be imposed, against the offenders and to maintain a clean Imphal city," it said.

All the concerned person/shopkeepers who generate litter/garbage should deposit them to the solid waste collection vehicles operated by Imphal Municipal Councilor authorised NGOs of IMC without fail daily, the notification said.

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