Home-grown terrorists suspected to be behind Boston bombings

Boston, April 16: FBI and Homeland Security agents on Tuesday carried out searches at a high-rise apartment building in Boston seeking clues to unravel the plot behind the twin blasts, suspected to have been carried out by home-grown terrorists, that killed three people and injured over 140 during Boston Marathon.

Early today, investigators descended on a high-rise apartment building in Revere and conducted a search, for nearly nine hours, related to the investigation into the first large-scale bombing in US since the 9/11 attacks.

"FBI and Homeland Security agents were seen entering the Water's Edge apartment complex at 364 Ocean Ave," Boston Globe reported.

The Revere Fire department wrote on its Facebook page that this was a search for "a person of interest".

CBS News reported that the apartment search was related to a man who is reportedly under guard at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

The man is a Saudi national who is in the US on a student visa.

Several bags were removed from the scene around 2 a.m. Tuesday, but authorities would not comment on the search President Barack Obama, who said any "responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice" did not call the explosions an act of terror but a little later a White House official said they were approaching the blasts as an act of terror.

Some terrorism experts warned that it will be "fool hardy" to speculate but other analysts believe that it was unlikely that an international terror network was behind the explosions.

Early reports suggest that the devices were crudely made otherwise, they probably would have killed many more people making it unlikely that they were the work of a foreign government or global terrorist group, such as alQaeda, the experts were quoted as saying by the Globe.

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