Five electric shocked by low laying HT line, locals decry authority’s indifference

LAMKA, April 28: Five persons of a marriage party were electric shocked yesterday at Mission Veng, Hiangtam lamka, CCpur.

All five who were rushed to the CCpur District Hospital were however revived by the doctors.

The five are identified as Chingbiak (16) daughter of Thanghau of Damkam Bazar, New Lamka, CCpur; Nemngaihkim (15), daughter of Thanghau of Damkam Bazar; Miss Mary (16), daughter of Paukhanlian of Zion Veng, New Lamka; Lianlaljohn (19), son of (L) Biaklal of SA Road; Nanau (20), son of (L) Ginhauthang of Mission Veng, Hiangtam Lamka.

The incident occurred yesterday around 4pm in the evening when a bus bearing regd no MN 01/0925 carrying people for a marriage struck a low wiring high tension wire at Mission Veng area of Hiangtam Lamka.

Meanwhile, the Executive Engineer of the Churachandpur Electric department who is presently at Imphal has assured to look into the matter, however the locals have loss confidence and have lamented that several previous complaints have always been neglected with excuses.

A local resident who identified himself as Muathang said that at the most, when the electricity comes on, the locality are hardly able to utilize the power due to the low voltage and as such people have to use kerosene and candles to keep their homes lighted up in Lamka particularly at Mission Veng.

Due to the low voltage of the power supply the people are unable to watch TV or use any other electric appliances, he expressed.

Many people at the incident site said that they were all the more angry due to the fact that the electric which come rarely had come on only to result in the accident.

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Courtesy:ISTV Imphal


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