UNC to campaign for ‘Alternative Arrangement’

SENAPATI, November 27 : The United Naga Council (UNC) spearheaded movement of the "Alternative Arrangement" will witness a renewed vigour from November 30 with the former in collaboration with the Naga tribe organisations, is all set to go down to 'block' and village levels in its campaign in all the Naga villages in Manipur. The UNC has also issued written 'guidelines' to all the Naga tribe presidents and Naga frontal organisations to abide with when any eventuality crops up in their campaign for the 'Alternative Arrangement'. The UNC also decided to oppose Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh and other personalities who are anti-Nagas gracing the Orange Festival slated for next month in Tamenglong. The UNC has also issued notice to all the Naga churches in Manipur to devote a two-day prayer on December 8 and 9 for the early completion of the ongoing Indo-Naga peace talks. All the offerings in cash and in kind offered during these two days prayer programme should be entrusted to a particular church to take care of it, the UNC source said.

Information received by Newmai News Network this evening said that the UNC along with Naga tribal organisations in its 'consultative meeting' cum advent Christmas at Chakpikarong in Chandel district have taken four resolutions on Tuesday.

Sources said the first resolution has been to jointly submit an urgent memorandum to the government of India by the UNC and the Naga tribe organisations to 'complete' the ongoing Indo-Naga peace talks at the earliest. Another resolution is to oppose tooth and nail to the construction of the multi-purpose project at Chakpi River in Chandel district. The third resolution is that the 2013 seed sowing festival of the Nagas, the Lui-Ngai-Ni be celebrated in Chandel district and the last resolution has been that all the Nagas should not welcome Manipur chief minister O Ibobi Singh and his 'followers' gracing the Orange Festival, the sources added.

"Personalities who are anti-Nagas should not be entertained in Naga areas and people like Ibobi Singh and his puppets who have been the strong advocate against the Nagas should be opposed by all the Nagas in Naga areas," said the UNC leaders in the consultative meeting today, according to the sources, while adding, "For a long, long time the government have been neglecting the tribal people and the hill districts of Manipur but now the much-talked unity shows by organising functions will not do." The UNC leaders also stated, "It is too late now; the tribal people cannot be appeased now by all these cosmetic shows and stage-dramas." The UNC leaders however said, "We welcome the spirit of festival pertaining to the Orange Festival."

Meanwhile, the UNC presented 'small gifts' to all the Naga tribe presidents of the Chandel district during today's advent Christmas.

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