MP Meinya raises ILP issue during Zero Hour

IMPHAL, November 29: The Inner Manipur Member Parliament, Dr Thokchom Meinya took up the matter of Inner Line Permit introduction during the Zero Hour of the ongoing Winter session today.

Addressing the Zero Hour, the MP said there has been a strong demand for “Introduction of Inner Line Permit system in the Northeastern states of India, Manipur in particular”.

He said “On July 12, 2012, the Manipur State Cabinet resolved to urge the Government of India to extend the provisions of the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulations, 1873 to the state of Manipur”.

On July 13 2012, in consonance with the public demand for implementation of ILP system to regulate inflow of 'outsiders', the State Assembly unanimously passed a private member resolution, which read: "that the Manipur Legislative Assembly passes a resolution to extend and adopt the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation 1873 with necessary changes in the point of details to the State of Manipur and to urge the Government of India to comply the same", he said.

“In this connection, I do seek the indulgence of this august House to the fact that the Inner Line Permit System indeed did actually exist in the erstwhile Manipur kingdom”, the MP said.

“Manipur lost her independence to the British in 1891. At that point of time, Manipur did have a permit system for entry into and exit from Manipur –Inner Line Permit (ILP) system.”

“On August 14 1947, when British paramountcy lapsed, Manipur had automatically regained her independence. Manipur did have a written constitution and an elected National Assembly. The state of Manipur remained a monarchy till October 15, 1949, when Manipur got merged into the Union of India.”

“On February 26, 1948, through a State Council (Cabinet) resolution, the then Government approved the retention of the above permit system in Manipur State. On November 18, 1950, the then Chief Commissioner of Manipur abolished that permit system. What a tragic incident!”

“Now, the People of Manipur want the re-introduction of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) system in the state to stop the otherwise alarming influx of illegal outsiders into the state.”

“Now, I strongly urge upon the Union Government, the Home Ministry, in particular, to immediately look into the matter of introducing the ILP System in Manipur”, he said.

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