Govt. of India and Manipur is not sincere enough

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Imphal, Aug 21: The State Government and the Central Government never take serious on the issue of students fleeing from Bangalore and other state of India, said, Joint students’ co-ordination committee, said Th. Suresh in a press conference held at the office of All Manipur student Union (AMSU) head quarter on Tuesday.
Few days back a threaten rumours were spread to the North East people through SMS, and in some internet sites, which causes the North East people to flee back in their native state,  but the state and central government has been sitting ideal. So, the students’ organization strongly condemns the attitude of the GoI as well as GoM.
Suresh further mention that the central government, state government and the Karnataka government keep on saying that there is nothing to be affairs, it just a rumours spreading by a vested person, but the North Easterners people did not stop fleeing.
Appealing to the state and central government that it might be rumours but in this stage more alertness would be importance’s for the safety of North Easterners people. And further appeals to the general public not to create any communal misunderstanding.
The student’s bodies took it as a racial discrimination on north east people for what happening in the mainland of India.
Meanwhile a representative of the Tangkhul Katamnao Shaklong, Wungnaoshung said that it is a right time to build more institute in the state, because such discrimination have been frequently happen to the North East people. So, for further prior footstep for the North East people we need to have a good studied institute in own state. So, the state government should focus in such issue before it’s too late.
And, also urges the arms group to stop targeting the students, the student’s bodies strongly condemn the brutal killing of Chunthuigai Kamei, state secretary Zeliangrong Student Union, Manipur and state government should take initiative action.

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