Woman allegedly beaten up by drunken UTLA cadre; villagers say not one-off incident

LAMKA, June 27: A woman identified as Donneihsiem, wife of Donglienlal who is an Elder of the village church of Milongmun, Thanlon sub division Ccpur was severely beaten up allegedly by a member of the United Tribal Liberation Army (UTLA) a Suspension of Operation signatory UG group on June 25.

Meanwhile, villagers have alleged that it is not a one off incident as cadres of the UTLA have been creating problems and harassing the villagers of the area for a long time.

The woman was brought to the CCpur District hospital from the village via Leizangphai by the villager which is about 120 km from Lamka today.

The incident occurred on June 25 around 5:30 pm in the evening when the alleged UG member and culprit identified as one Lamzamang and his friend Ginminthang brought five bottles of local alcohol, and later Lamzamang found that one bottle was missing.

Lamzamang demanded his lost bottle of alcohol and created trouble in the village.

Kammang, an uncle of the victim believing that a bottle of local wine he had brought himself from the vendor was the one that Lamzamang was searching for and fearing of more trouble for the village, asked Donneihsiem to give his bottle to Lamzamang.

However, when she tried to return the bottle, Lamzamang who was already drunk and angry accosted her saying that she had stolen the bottle from him and started physically assaulting her.

Donneihsiem’s husband and their elder daughter were in Lamka during the incident.

She cannot speak properly nor can she lie down properly due to the assault, said one of the relatives.

After her condition failed to improve, the villagers transported her to Laizangphai village physically which is about seven kilometres away from their village.

Villagers and relatives fear that since there is not much external injury visible, she might be having internal injuries which could be much more serious.

Other than her daughter, Donneihsiem and her husband have another son who is only five years old.

A villager on condition of anonymity has said that this is not an isolated case of such an incident perpetrated by the UTLA cadres, while others  have also added that the UTLA cadres have time and again created trouble and harassed the villagers of the area as it is one of their strongholds.

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